Solus Lightning Storm Tee Plasma

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  • Screen-printed in the UK onto an oversized, 100% organic cotton tee.
  • Thick and high neckline, with loose/relaxed fitting sleeves
  • Custom woven Solus neck labels

These tees look badass, feel great & are sustainably made - the Solus combination ✅ 

This t-shirt was made solely using renewable energy sources. Meanwhile the use of organic cotton means that no nasty pesticides were used, thus reducing the damage caused to eco-systems. To top it all off, organic cotton releases roughly 50% less CO2 compared to conventional cotton sources.

The Lightning design has seen many amendments over the past 6-7 months, having been redesigned and re-sampled numerous times. Regularly revisiting the drawing board means that we can slowly improve each design and prototype until we feel confident in releasing the best lightning tee that we could.