How to Keep Graphic Tee Print from Cracking, Ageing & Fading

How to Keep Graphic Tee Print from Cracking, Ageing & Fading

There’s two words all graphic print tee fans fear and that is the dreaded ‘cracked print’… It's a common cause of heartache for graphic tee lovers out there, we feel your pain.

If you've ever tried to maintain the immaculate print perfection of your favourite screen-printed, graphic t-shirt, then you know how gut-wrenching it can be when the design starts cracking and aging quicker than it should.

This isn’t to say that graphic tees can’t look sick with some age & wear, they can do.

But this guide is for those of you who want to extend the life of their graphic tee, so that they can continue to flex for years to come.


The good news is that we have some tried and tested steps to help prevent your graphic tees from cracking!

Some of these may seem simple and obvious, but a lot of people don't do these things and it's normally the root of the issue.

If this gives you some reassurance, I am always being asked by friends ‘Olli, how do you keep those tees of yours so damn fresh?! Is that a new tee???’

So, without any further delay, here are my top tips for preventing graphic print from cracking and ages:

1) Always wash your tees inside out to reduce friction and fading

2) Wash on a gentle, cold setting with a low spin

3) Hang to air dry, do not tumble dry...or microwave

4) Keep your tees away from direct sunlight, the UV damages the print

5) Don't overload on the detergent

6) Don't iron over graphics

6) Look after your tees when wearing them. If you stain the garment, make sure to use a stain remover (Vanish is our go to) to hopefully minimise any damage

Finally, you can also hand wash your graphic tees, but this can feel like quite a lot of effort lol. Go for it if you have the time and patience, but if you're wanting to save time and stick to the washing machine, then follow the instructions above!



Not only are these tips good for you, your pocket & your wardrobe; but many have environmental benefits, in the form of lower energy use and reducing over-consumption, by ensuring your tees have a longer wearable life.

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