Solus Multiuse Ashtray

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-Made from a delicate mix of resin and concrete

-4 bays for cigarettes and other smoking implements

-Embossed Solus monogram and 3D SS

-Small central hole in the 'SS' to cater for most incense sticks


As part of the Solus store anniversary drop, we have worked with an up-and-coming ceramic designer based in the UK to make this multi-use Solus tray.

Made using a specific mix of concrete and resin, these trays feature embossed 'Solus' lettering which captures the Solus logo in all of its glory.

When working with Luke, the designer, we had a clear desire and vision to maximise the utility of the tray in order to avoid it being a single-purpose item.

The small hole in the centre of the emblem is designed to cater for most incense sticks and should allow for a slow and tidy vertical burn.

This tray could also be used to hold everyday items when at home, like your keys or wallet. This way, you'll never lose track of them! 


The item will be shipped with appropriate packaging for international shipping to all the Solus familia. All trays will come with Solus stickers.

Thank you all for a great first year of the Solus store ❇️


*Due to the hands-on nature of production, each tray will have its own unique finish and look.