Marino Morwood Steve Jobs T Shirt 2021

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Marino doesn't tend to revisit many of his previous designs, but he'll do it for a select few GOATs (2Pac, Travis Scott...), Steve Jobs is one of them.

This Steve Jobs tee released in April 2021 and features updated front & back prints.


The Front features Steve with an iconic plethora of Apple products, including the iPod touch, iMac and iTunes... And of course, a photo of Steve donning his favourite New Balance 992's.

The back print is similar to the OG design, in the way that it features a large Apple logo print, with the right chunk being in the form of Steve's head & glasses. The Apple logo is actually made up of the many small images from the first iPhone launch back in 2007... It's all in the details.


The available XL is in good all round pre-owned condition with some wear (cracking) to the front print, back print remains untouched. Please see photos of print.